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Fresh Produce

Morningside Fruit Shop – Fruit, Vegetables, Delicatessen, Gourmet Products and more

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Fruit & Vegetables

Hand-picked at the local markets every morning by owners Joe and Sergio, our fruits and vegetables are chosen for their quality, freshness and ripeness. When selecting our fruits and vegetables we use our ‘ready to eat radar’ - we want you to be able to eat the produce you buy from us the day you buy it and/or in a couple of day’s time. When you visit our store, this is what you will find - fruit and vegetables ready to eat now.

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Every day, owner and deli manager John sets out to source the freshest deli items. In the deli at Feast on Fruit you will find a wide variety of local and imported products, including delicious hand-selected and hand-stuffed olives, quality hams and cured meats cut to order, imported prosciutto, antipasto such as semi dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, marinated mushrooms, and more.

fresh produce cheeseCheeses of the World

Cut fresh from the wheel to ensure you experience the freshest flavour, our deli also includes a dedicated cheese cabinet. Filled with more than 100 cheeses, this cabinet has been affectionately called ‘Cheeses of the World’. But if we don’t have what you are looking for, all you have to do is ask, and we’d be happy to get it in for you - call us or use the form on this page to make your request.

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Gourmet Products

Treat your tastebuds with our range of local and imported gourmet products. Some of the items you will find in store include Careme Pastry; Gourmet Biscuits; Cocoa Powder – Dutch, French, Belgium; Frozen Pasta; Liquid Stocks; Muesli; Pasta; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Coffee; Dips; Pesto’s; Raw Sauerkraut; Crackers; Fruit Pastes; Sauces; Spanish Products; Mexican Products; Polenta; Quinoa; Jams; Relish; Chutneys; Nuts; & much more!

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Herbs and Exotic Spices

In addition to our wide range of fresh herbs we also stock an extensive variety of dried herbs and exotic spices. To enhance your culinary experience we provide a range of 'Herbies Spices' products which is complemented by our range of 'Entice with Spice' products for all your herb and spice needs.

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Fresh Salads

Need a quick bite to eat for lunch, or a quick salad for dinner tonight? Our deli features a range of freshly made salads, including Asian Crispy Salad; Potato Salad; Spinach, Feta and Pumpkin Salad; and Pasta Salad. Available in a range of sizes including S, M, L, XL, we have a salad for every occasion. On request we can also prepare larger quantities for functions. All you need to do is ask - Contact us.

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Fresh Breads – Delivered Daily

In-store you will find a selection of fresh traditional and organic flour breads that are delivered daily from local bakeries.

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Milk & Dairy Products

Our range of dairy products includes traditional milk, yoghurt and ice cream as well as organic, dairy free and gluten free alternatives. Some of the brands and products we carry include Barambah Organic Milk and Yoghurt, Maleny Dairy Milk and Yoghurt, Coyo Dairy-Free Vegan Yoghurt and Ice Cream, Pura Veda Dairy Free Yoghurt, The Greek Yoghurt Company Yoghurt, Maggie Beer Ice Cream, Lick Ice Cream and Delizia Ice Cream.


Gluten Free Products

Included in our range of gourmet products are gluten-free alternatives. Some of the gluten free options we offer are pasta, flour, bread, yoghurt and ice cream.

Readymade Meals

Too tired to cook? We’ve got you covered. We offer a range of readymade meals including Pizza’s, Lasagne’s, Cannelloni, Quiches, Gourmet Pies and Falafels. Why not stop in on your way home from work?
Find out where we are located.

Organic Products

The range of organic products we carry includes vegetables, milk, eggs, yoghurt, ice cream, pasta, bread and coffee. If there is a particular organic item you would like, we would be happy to source this for you. All you need to do is ask.   
Use our contact page to get in touch.

Bio-Degradable Packaging

Feast on Fruit are now using Biodegradable trays to package their fruit. Together with the Foodsafe wrap we are able to provide quality and convenience to all customers with little impact to the environment. Using both biodegradable pulp trays that we are currently using and this new product that consists of corn starch and other renewable resources we are reducing plastic waste and trying to do our bit for the environment and our future.